The Ken Fox Troupe

 Wall of Death

Meet the Ken Fox Troupe ~ KEN WOLFE

Ken Wolfe first saw Yvonne Stagg's Wall in Dreamland in the late 70's and just loved it! And if by fate Allan Fords Wall came to a steam rally near his home town in 1991. He jumped at the chance to help pull down and ended up staying with him until 1999, when Allan Ford retired. He started riding on Allan's Wall in 1994 but didnt ride in shows regularly until mid-season 1995 after Ned left at St.Agnes steam rally. 

After Allan's retirement Ken joined the Ken Fox Troupe on the Original Wall of Death with Luke Fox and rides throughout the summer season. Ken has also ridden in North Carolina, USA at an agricultural fair in Goldsboro and at the NC State Fair, but he says the most exciting memory to date is doing the 'back to back' with Chris Lee because it was such a buzz!