The Ken Fox Troupe

 Wall of Death

Meet the Ken Fox Troupe ~ JULIE FOX

Julie was born in Bristol but at an early age her parents, Denzil and Josie Coles, moved to Bournemouth, where they kept a fish and chip shop. When she left school, Julie worked as an Office Junior at Debenhams, where she remained until the fish and chip shop became too much for her parents and they moved to Cheshire, where she became a Dental Nurse.

It was while living in Cheshire Julie met Ken, as he and Peter were based there. However, she did not fully understand what he did for a living. "Prior to meeting Ken I had never heard of a Wall of Death", she says, "when I saw the show for the first time it frightened the life out of me!"

Nevertheless they got together and Julie was introduced to the life she now loves.

Julie plays the vital role of taking money in the box office when the show is open, as well as doing many other jobs behind the scenes, including the paperwork!

A milestone in their relationship was at the Great Dorset Steam Fair in 1997, when Ken and Julie were married – the ceremony took place at Blandford registry office and afterwards the rings were blessed in the Wall of Death by the Chaplain of the steam fair.